Bedroom Accent Wall Decor – Transform Your Room’s Using Special Wall Accents

One of the easiest bedroom accent wall decor ideas is to paint the walls in a color that you love. It doesn’t have to be the color of the walls, but something that will relax you and make you feel at home. Pique your interest by painting a playful pattern on the ceiling; an abstract design on the mirror; or even paint a mural on one of the walls. The possibilities are almost endless!

You can also use painted decorative plaster to make any size room feel larger than it is. Paint the walls behind or over the bed the same shade as the bed or dresser. This simple tip helps a small room seem larger. Another choice is to select a monochrome wall color, such as white, cream or off-white, which will help you select accent colors easily. There are many beautiful monochrome colors that are not too expensive, and you can find beautiful baby nursery murals in many of these shades.

When you choose bedroom accent wall decor, keep in mind that the walls behind the couch and bed should be smooth and flat to create the right effect. Use texture on the walls: textured wallpaper, murals, paint, stencils and carpeting are great choices. Texture will also help give your room the look of being bigger than it is, because it makes large surfaces look smaller. If you use a lot of texture on one wall, you can make your bedroom appear to be much larger than it is.

One bedroom accent wall decor idea that creates the illusion of more space is black textured wallpaper. Black wallpaper comes in many different textures, and depending on your taste, you may want to select a very dark or very light version. A dark black version will make your walls seem taller and add a sense of depth to the room. If you are using this type of wall decor in a boy’s bedroom, the color will stand out better since boys tend to like bold colors.

Another option for bedroom accent wall decor is to use striped wallpaper, which is made especially to mimic sheet metal, with stripes of different colors. These stripe designs will frame the view of the bed in a unique way. You can create a simple, basic look with just a few colors, or go for a more dramatic look by adding a few more. The idea with striped wallpaper is that the stripes will enhance the colors you choose, rather than block them out. If you are using stripes in a girl’s bedroom, pink or blue stripes will work best, while boys will prefer red or green.

You can also buy wall accents in wall decals. Wall decals are very affordable and come in a variety of sizes, colors and themes. Some of these wall decals will be found as part of a package with wallpaper, while others you will have to buy separately. Bedroom wall accents are a great way to turn plain walls into something different, and to personalize the look of a space.

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